About Us


In 1983 two women in Fort Collins realized that many of their elderly friends and neighbors were dealing with transportation challenges as they aged in their homes. The women believed that other friends and neighbors would be willing to help if they knew to whom, how, and where to give that help. One start-up grant later, SAINT was established as part of the Fort Collins Office on Volunteerism. In 1994, SAINT  became part of Care-A-Van, Inc., Fort Collins’ nonprofit para-transit provider, and expanded the program to  Loveland. When Fort Collins started Dial-A-Ride in 1998, SAINT became an independent 501(c)(3) agency.  

The Rides Continue

Forty years after a SAINT volunteer gave the first ride, the fundamental concept of community volunteers driving their own cars to help their neighbors remains the hallmark of the SAINT program and drives our mission to help seniors and people with disabilities maintain their independence and self-sufficiency by providing connections to the community through personalized, door-to-door transportation.