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There is a SAINT in all of us

. . . Be one today.

What would you do if you could no longer drive? Most of us will have to answer that question at some point. What will you do? Ride a bus? Call a cab? Beg family and friends for rides? Stay home? Or give up that home and move in with the kids or to an assisted living facility?

In Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado, there is another alternative. Call SAINT. Senior Alternatives IN Transportation - SAINT - provides rides for seniors (60+) and people with disabilities that prevent them from driving.

SAINT is truly a volunteer based organization. All of the rides we provide are given by volunteers driving their own cars. But there are not enough SAINT volunteers to fill the need. Each month someone does not get a needed ride because there is not a volunteer available to give it.

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:15 am - 4 pm. Most of our volunteers choose to drive one morning or afternoon a week. Others choose the more flexible option of driving as a back-up.

You can be a SAINT. All you need is a car, a driver's license with a clean driving record and a desire to help your neighbors. Our volunteer opportunity is flexible - drive a regular schedule or drive occasionally as a back-up. We do the scheduling, carry supplemental insurance, and reimburse you for mileage.

Find the SAINT in you - volunteer today.

Necessary Skills and Requirements:

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills - A friendly smile and pleasant conversation make the rides fly by.
  • Driving and Navigation Skills - SAINT requires an authorization to obtain a driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles; serious infractions (e.g.: DUI or reckless driving) will disqualify a volunteer candidate. Familiarity with Loveland or Fort Collins is a great plus, but driving for SAINT is a great way to learn your way around town. Map reading skills also come in handy.
  • Good Citizenship Skills - SAINT requires an authorization to conduct a criminal background check; criminal convictions will disqualify a volunteer candidate.

Please contact us for more information about volunteering with SAINT.

Senior Alternatives in Transportation (SAINT)
333 West Drake Road
Suite 42
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Fort Collins Scheduler
Loveland Scheduler
SAINT Volunteer Transportation

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